What Material Can You Sublimate On? Get the Best Results

Here in this guide, you will discover the best material for sublimation that surely gives you a good result on the material.

Let’s understand the sublimation of different materials. Plus see what material can you Sublimate on.

What Material Can You Sublimate On

What Material can you Sublimate On?

Of course, all materials don’t give the same results; material-to-material results may vary. The result of the sublimation also depends on other supplies and equipment such as sublimation paper, sublimation ink, sublimation printer, and heat press. Now some ideal materials for sublimation are:

1. Fabric

If you want to sublimate the fabric, 100% polyester will be the best choice. Even if your fabric is a minimum of 65% polyester, it gives you a good result.

If you select cotton instead of polyester for sublimation, but for this sublimation, you need to be a bit tricky to handle such natural fibers.

sublimate on Fabric

Actually, manmade material like nylon-spandex absorbs the ink, but the natural fiber doesn’t absorb and retain ink properly.

2. Polymers

You can use natural and synthetic polymer both for sublimation, but synthetic polymer is a good choice. In reality, natural and synthetic polymer both are well blended and coated with sublimation dyes. Also read, how to use a sublimation printer.

3. Ceramic

People love to customize mugs with sublimation. Actually, ceramic is a heat-resistant hard material that is very common for making pots.

The best point about ceramic is that after sublimation, it doesn’t peel off. Even microwave it, and the dishwasher doesn’t damage the sublimation print.

You can easily sublimate the mugs, vase, and other ceramic blanks.

4. Wood

You can sublimate the wood. However, directly sublimating the wood is not possible. That is why you need polymer coating.

Another option to sublimate on the wood you can apply a few coats of polymer-based paint to prepare the surface for sublimation.

You can also use a lamination sheet to sublimate the wood. Otherwise, the easiest way is to go online and get wood blanks. These blanks are already coated.

Sublimation on Wood Material

5. Glass

There are two types of glass that you can use for sublimation, transparent glass and tamper with the opaque backside.

It’s truly fascinating to sublimate on glass and customized photo frames and drinking ware. Still, you need to pay attention when handling the glass because, during the heat press process, it may damage.

6. Metal

Metal is another good material for sublimation. The best thing about sublimation on metal is that it is long-lasting as compared to your cotton shirt.

But there is a possibility that sometimes it doesn’t get the exact colors from sublimation paper when you sublimate metal blank.

7. Cotton

Sublimation on cotton is also possible, but the negative point about it is that after a few washes, you lose the colors of sublimation. And also, don’t get as vibrant colors as on polyester fabric.


Now it’s wrapping time; all the above points are very clear that you can easily try the sublimation process on plenty of material around you.

You just need to understand the properties of the material and the basics of the sublimation process. It is a fact; practice makes you perfect, try various materials for sublimation, and discover a new world of sublimation.

Finally, you got the answer that what materials you can sublimate on and now create unique articles by sublimation.

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