Sublimation Printer Troubleshooting – Common Problems

It is a general phenomenon to face issues and troubles while using any machine or equipment. So if you have a sublimation printer, it’s common to face issues during the printing process.

Sometimes you are failed to get the exact printing result on the blank from your sublimation printer means you need to troubleshoot to fix the issues.

Sublimation Printer Troubleshooting

In this guide, you will find the answers to your various questions related to the sublimation printer. So, sublimation printer troubleshooting will be an easy task for you after knowing the given key points and factual information.

Also have a detailed look on how sublimation printer actually works.

How to Keep the Sublimation Printer Humidity Away?

The humidity level is a problem-causing factor for the sublimation printer. Generally, you apply your all efforts to decrease the humidity level because; high humidity causes many issues in the sublimation printing process.

If the humidity level is high, it will affect the sublimation printing process, such as color shifting and bleeding of the image.

Approximately 35% humidity is suitable for the sublimation printing process. Humidity and temperature also affect the sublimation ink. So keeping the sublimation printer humid makes no sense.

How to Fix the Banding Sublimation Printer?

When there is a clog in your printer head, printer ink is going down, or sometimes because your paper setting is out, so check and fix the issues.

Clear the clog from nozzles and sublimation printer. For the troubleshooting check, your ink is properly filled, and if ink levels are down, refill.

How to fix the banding sublimation printer

Make sure your all colors are working well, so run a nozzle check and check the result. Also, check your paper setting, change the setting and take results.

The quality of the paper also matters, so always use high-quality papers to avoid such types of issues.

Why is My Sublimation Printer not Printing?

It’s a very common issue, and to troubleshoot this issue check the ink levels and refills the ink or maybe a clogging issue, check the printer head and remove the clog.

This problem may be due to ink cartridges drying up. That’s why you are not getting print from the printer.

Why is My Sublimation Printer not Printing Color?

If the sublimation print is given to a colorless printer, you need to first check the printer setting of the design that you want to print.

If your page setting is on “grayscale,” it will not give you colors on print except black and white. So change the setting and set it on “default,” and then you can easily take colorful print from the sublimation printer.

Also, check the cartridge and primer mixture.

Why is My Sublimation Ink Printing Dull?

The main reason behind the dull colors is not the problem with your colors. Actually, the colors are perfectly all right, but your press machine and heat transfer process are not activating the colors perfectly.

That’s why you get the dull colors on the product. Firstly, print the design on any fabric to check the result of the color, and adjust the color setting by using a press machine.

If you find any color is not working so, refill the color.

Why is my sublimation ink printing dull

Why is My Printer not Printing Black When Ink is Full?

If your sublimation printer is not giving black print, first of all, check the setting of the printer. Maybe you did not select the “grayscale” setting.

That’s why you are not getting black print even ink is full. Secondly, run a nozzle check to check may be any clog in the printer head causing a problem.

Also, clean the print head and check the paper setting; does it match the paper type? Remove these issues to troubleshoot this problem.

Have a look at the most effective way to clean a sublimation printer.

Why Does My Sublimation Look Yellow?

This problem occurs when the setting of temperature is not correct at the time of pressing or ironing, this causes the yellowish effect on the printing paper.

So the overheating causes the problem, you press the design for a long time, and as a result, sublimation looks yellow.

So must check temperature and time setting. Thus, the material is also a countable thing; set the temperature and time accordingly.

However, hydrogen and water solution with an equal ratio, just spray on the shirt, can reduce the yellowing effect.

Why is There a Line in My Sublimation Printer Printing?

Sometimes, you see the vertical and horizontal lines, which are called banding, when using a sublimation printer for printing.

There are many reasons behind this problem, dry ink, dust in the printer head, nozzle problem, driver setting, the printer is not aligned properly and computer sending information issues.

So check all fields which require troubleshooting. Here your little effort in cleaning the printer will solve this issue.

You can use any cleaning solution or water to clean the parts of the sublimation printer. So, the dried ink will remove, and after refilling the fresh ink, you will see better results.

How Do I Make Sublimation Colors More Vibrant?

You are worried because the designs and the images are not vibrant, sharp, and bright. First of all, if you just fill the ink and then take a print, most probably it will not give the bright image; you need to take four to five prints out to take the sharp colors.

Secondly, the most important elements which affect the colors are time, temperature, and press. If you are very accurate about these three elements, the result of sublimation will be very vibrant and bright.

What is the Best Temperature for Sublimation?

The temperature is not the same for all blank materials. It may vary depending on material type, heat press, and time, such as, if you are printing fabric, you need to set 380˚- 400˚ temperature, for glass and mugs 360˚- 390˚, and for fiberglass 380˚- 400˚ temperature.

Generally, 400˚ temperature setting is suggested for sublimation printers with moderate to high pressure.

Bottom of the line:

Now it’s time to wrap up all the points. Here, you have found the solution to various issues related to sublimation printing.

Definitely, all the above troubleshooting ideas will surely help you to take perfect printing results from your sublimation printer.

However, the basic points to remember about the sublimation printer that should not be ignored are printer setting, its cleanliness, quality of ink and paper.

Now you have the command that how to troubleshoot the issues perfectly while using a sublimation printer for printing. On the other hand, if you face some serious issues, it is better to contact the manufacturer.

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