How to Use Sublimation Printer – A Step By Step Guide

Now it’s really common to see lots of attractive printed items and products around, it’s all the outcome of sublimation printer.

This machine is a really exciting innovation that lets you easily print your shirts, mugs, cups, and other so many articles to look stylish and unique.

No doubt, in the last few years, this trend has been rising rapidly. So now, in this guide, you will find what actually sublimation printer is and how to use a sublimation printer?

How to Use Sublimation Printer

What is a Sublimation Printer?

By using a sublimation printer, you can easily transfer any design, pattern, image, and logo from sublimation paper to any material. During the process, solid ink particles change into a gaseous form using high temperatures or pressure. So the whole process is done by this printing machine perfectly.

How to Use a Sublimation Printer?

Here you will see how sublimation uses to get the desired results on various materials:

1. Use Software to Create a Design

At the first step, you need design software to get an extraordinary and unique design for transferring to the material.

How to use a sublimation printer

2. Transfer the Printing Design on the Material

Now you have selected and created the design for the next step, you will print the design by using a sublimation printing machine.

The print will easily transfer to the sublimation paper and then to the article that you want to print.

3. Sublimation Ink and Paper

Select the sublimation ink according to the printer brand and type. For example, if you have an Epson sublimation printing machine so, use ink accordingly.

However, sublimation transfer paper is not like common paper; it is only used for sublimation printing.

4. Sublimation Machine

For printing design on any material, a heat press machine is used, which is called a sublimation heat press machine.

So this machine applies heat and pressure to print the design on any article. Thus, this machine transfers the same colors, and it is more permanent.

You can get a variety of print quality by using various sublimating heat machines. Here are some additional tips & tricks to use sublimation printers you can adapt.

How to Use a Sublimation Printer with the Cricut?

Sublimation with Cricut gives totally exciting and unique results. It’s extraordinary because of its functions.

It is easy and comfortable to cut your design and pattern by using a sublimation printer with a Cricut. The whole process of printing, you can conduct easily.

For conducting the process, you just need some essentials like a sublimation printing machine; for this, you can rely on Epson and Sawgrass (or any other brand of your choice) because these brands provide the best quality sublimation printing machine, sublimation paper, and pattern cutter.

The dye sublimation of Cricut is a unique version; you can use it with its cricut cutter and heat pressure machine. Using the sublimation printer with Cricut will give you the result sharper, vibrant, and professional touch.

Wrap up:

Now it’s time to summarize all the above key points; a sublimation printer is a really exciting technique to get unique patterns and designs on a variety of articles. If you follow the above-given steps, don’t omit any step so you can operate it well and get magnificent results.  

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