How to Sublimate on Dark Shirts – Do It like a PRO!

If you are a dark color lover and worried about how to sublimate on dark shirts, you are in the right place to know the solution to your query.

Here you are going to learn how you can easily sublimate dark color or black shirt. It’s not very difficult but it is not easy as either, but you need to be a bit tricky to sublimate the dark color shirt.

So, this guide will surely help the black color outfit lovers who want to sublimate dark color to look stylish and unique. Now dive into the detail and see the whole process of sublimation on a dark color.

How to sublimate on dark shirts

Things You Need to Sublimate on Dark Shirts

The material and equipment you require:

  • Heat transfer vinyl
  • Sublimation printer (Check out the sublimation printer for shirts)
  • Heat press
  • Parchment paper
  • Lint roller
  • Sublimation ink and paper
  • A dark color shirt

How to Sublimate on Dark Shirts?

Now you will follow the given steps to sublimate dark color shirt:

How to sublimate on dark shirts

Step #1

At the first stage, you will create a design of your choice. For this purpose, you need good design software to create a unique shirt design.

For this purpose, you can take the help of an illustrator, Photoshop, or CorelDraw, or you can download and purchase online designs.

Start the print setting on high quality, and the most important thing, you will directly print the design on sublimation vinyl, so do not mirror the design.

Normally, you mirror the image in sublimation, but when you directly print on sublimation vinyl, don’t do so.

Step #2

Keep the sublimation vinyl on the sublimation printer in the correct way. So check both sides. One is shiny, but the other is rough, so you will print the design on a rough side, not on the shiny side.

Actually, the shiny side can’t absorb the ink properly.

Step #3

After taking the print of the design, now use the Cricut or the vinyl cutter to cut the design properly according to the size.

Step #4

It’s really important to lint the shirt and then pre-presses the shirt for a few seconds to evaporate the moisture from the shirt, and it gives you a smooth surface.

Actually, humidity can affect the printing results.


Step #5

Now peel off the backing of the sublimation vinyl and adjust the design on the shirt properly. One more thing that you can also peel off after heat-press, but it can cause ghosting.

So prefer to peel off before pressing. Also have a look at how to sublimate a shirt effectively.

Step #6

The recommended temperature is 360˚, and the time is 15 seconds. Then, put the parchment paper on the top side and start pressing.

Step #7

As the time is over, remove the heat press and parchment paper. Be careful at this stage and slightly touch the shirt and take it out. Finally, you get the design on a dark color shirt.

Wrap up:

Now it’s time to summarize all the above points shortly. Sublimation of the dark color shirt is not challenging if you understand the basics of sublimation.

Now, you should not be worried about how to sublimate on dark shirts because we explain the process in the simplest way for your assistance to sublimate the dark color shirt and look stunning!

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