How to Sublimate on Cotton Shirts & Other Stuff!

To sublimate the variety of articles is a surely exciting process. Of course, you are really excited because you are going to sublimate your cotton shirt.

But wait…it’s not that simple. Before doing so, first, learn how to sublimate on cotton. What the whole process is, and what hurdles can you face during the sublimation printing process.

Therefore, this guide will really help you to sublimate your cotton shirt perfectly.

How to sublimate on cotton

How to Sublimate on Cotton?

First of all, you need proper tools and materials for the sublimation on cotton.

The tools and the material are:

  • Sublimation Printer
  • Heat press
  • Cricut/cutting machine
  • Sublimation paper and fabric
  • Parchment paper
  • Lint roller
  • Cotton shirt

Here are the steps you need to follow to sublimate your cotton shirt:

sublimate on cotton

1. Creates a Design on Software

First of all, create a unique design and upload the design into the cutting software. You can also purchase and download sublimation designs.

No doubt, you can download PNG and SVG designs from the internet. Use Cricut, resize, and then cut the design.

You can also use a word document to resize the design and then cut it by hand. After selecting the design, set an offset. Your offset can be thin or wide.

2: Use Sublimation Papers

Now send the design to your best performing sublimation printer as it is ready. Be accurate about the mirror to get the actual image.

So, select the by default option in print manager. Sublimation offset ink gives the mirror image. Insert the sublimation paper into the printer.

When loading the paper, be careful and place the coated side for print which is labeled, and then send the design for printing. By using your Cricut machine, now cut the design carefully.

3. Use Lint Roller

Use lint roller

For removing any moisture from the shirt, place the shirt on heat press for just a few seconds. In this way, you will evaporate the moister, and you get a smooth, wrinkle-free cotton shirt.

If you don’t remove the dust, it can cause a spotty effect on the fabric. However, remove any dust and lint from the shirt by using a lint roller.

4. Transfers the Design on the Shirt

Now on this stage, start pressing, set the temperature 400˚ of heat-press, also set the time 50 seconds.

By using the heat resistance tap, you can hold the sublimation paper keep the design face down. Now, Cover sublimation paper with parchment paper.

Then, press the design for 50 seconds with 400˚ temperatures. As time is over, remove the press and the sublimation paper but be careful and don’t touch it immediately.

Now see the result of the design on the cotton. For the best vibrant and bold color, choose the light color cotton fabric.

Wrapping Up:

Now it’s time to wrap all the points, now finally you learned how to sublimate on cotton. Although it’s not very difficult if you are familiar with sublimation printing…. and know how to handle the equipment, we hope this guide will truly help you.

It is a really amazing feeling to design your own cotton shirt and wear it. Sublimate your shirt and enjoy! Also have a look at some effective ways to sublimate on a shirt.

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