How to Sublimate a Tumbler – 04 Easy Steps!

Now you can easily sublimate various items, and here you are going to learn how to sublimate a tumbler. Surely, this will be a pretty good and new experience for you.

I’m quite excited to tell you how you can design tumblers with unique and super cute designs. No doubt, you sublimate different types of blanks and like the variation.

However, different sizes and shapes of tumblers are quite common as drinkware and with unique designs are getting popularity. People also love to get sublimated tumblers.

How to Sublimate a Tumbler

After this guide, you can design your tumbler by yourself. Now let’s start and see how to get a unique sublimated tumbler.

How to Sublimate a Tumbler?

For the sublimation on tumbler, you need some material and equipment for conducting the process:

How to sublimate a tumbler
  • A sublimation printer to take a printout of your choice.
  • A convection oven or mug press is required to sublimate the tumbler instead of a standard heat press.
  • Tumblers are available in many sizes, but the recommended size is 20 oz or 16 oz. You must check the material quality that is suitable for sublimation.
  • Sublimation paper and sublimation ink of high quality will give you a good result on tumbler.
  • Heat-resistant tape is required to hold the sublimation paper and parchment paper.
  • Other accessories are heat gloves, a shrink-wrap sleeve for the pressure on the tumbler, a lint roller, a paper cutter, and a heat gun to tighten the wrap.

The steps of the sublimation on tumbler are:

Step #1

First of all, adjust the size of print on the software according to your tumbler size that can easily cover the tumbler without any overlapping.

If the tumbler size is 20oz so the paper size should be 9.3 by 8.2. Keep the paper cutter for cutting the paper after taking print out to adjust to the tumbler.

Step #2

When the printout is ready and you have done its cutting by using a scale, now it’s time to wrap the tumbler with sublimation paper.

Before wrapping, must use a lint roller to clean the surface of the tumbler, and the face of the print should be on the tumbler.

The steps of the sublimation on tumbler

Another point to remember, wrap printing paper around the tumbler very tightly and put maximum pressure to fix it.

So use the heat resistance tape to fix it. Now wrap the tumbler with parchment paper with the same pressure and tightness.

Step #3

When you have done wrapping and tapping perfectly, now it’s time to keep the tumbler in mug press for heat press.

Set the temperature to 400˚ and time 60minutes.If the tumbler is not fixed in the mug press, you can use folded paper to cover the space in the mug press.

Step #4

When your heat-press time is over, be careful while takeout the tumbler from the mug presses because it’s too hot.

Then, you can keep it in cold water to bring down the temperature. Now, remove the paper from the tumbler, and look, your beautiful tumbler is ready!


It’s time to wrap all the above points; you learned simply how to sublimate a tumbler. After following the given steps and instructions, you can design super unique and stunning tumblers of different sizes and designs.

No doubt, it will be a magnificent experience for you. So try the given method and enjoy the amazing result!

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