How to Make Sublimation Brighter? Improve the Quality

Now in this guide, you are going to know some innovative ways for queries like how to make sublimation brighter and what the reasons are behind faded and dull color images in sublimation printing.

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How to Make Sublimation Brighter

How to Make Sublimation Brighter?

So, here you will find the best ways how to make sublimation bright. Let’s start and discover the ways to print the design with pop colors.

Tip #1

Be accurate while using sublimation paper because one side is coated for print, but the other side is not.

When mistakenly you use the other side, which is not coated, you get the wrong results means a faded image.

So use the bright side of the paper. The sublimation paper is specially created for the sublimation printing process. One side is coated for print.

Tip 1

Tip #2

 All printers print the colors differently. Therefore, check your print driver setting in the system, and also use the print manager if your printer needs this option.

If you don’t use print manager and take print by print drive. As a result, you get a faded and dull design. Additionally, select the manual color setting and adjust the color intensity.

Tip #3

 Two more major factors that print the faded and dull designs are heat and pressure. If you don’t set the proper time of temperature according to the sublimation object requirement; as a result, you get the faded image.

In the same ways, your press time and method, sometimes you don’t press evenly on all sides and don’t get good results.

The recommended temperature for 100% polyester is 400˚ for 40 seconds. So, carefully check the setting of temperature and pressure recommended by the brand.

Tip #4

Must check the low levels of ink, toner level, and empty cartridge may give you a dull effect. And also, dried ink particles cause blockage and create problems in printing proper design.

Make sure that your cartridge is not empty or defective. Remember, the defective cartridge cannot transfer the bright image.

Tip #5

If your sublimation printer and its head have clogged at that time, you don’t get the proper image because any clog ink flow is not possible. So clean the sublimation printer timely.

Tip 5

Tip #6

 If you don’t perform the ironing stage properly, you can see the yellowing effect in the design. The reason behind the yellow design is that you don’t set the heating setting, which makes the sublimation paper yellow.

Overheating destroys the whole design. However, the circular movement of iron for recommended time will give you a better result.

Tip #7 

No doubt, humidity is the key factor that affects the sublimating printing result. Unfortunately, you don’t get the exact design.

So the moisture in sublimation blank or sublimation paper give the worst results. Another option is you can iron the paper or shirt to get rid of moisture before sublimation printing.


At the start of the sublimation printing, the first print is, most of the time is, dull and faded. Thus, it is suggested to take at least 4 to 5 prints out to take bright and vibrant colors.

After a while, heat and pressure work and convert the ink particles into gaseous form and give you bright, bold, and vibrant shades.


To summarize all points, the conclusion is that getting a bright and bold print is not a very hard task.

It requires just your little attention and understanding to know the basics about sublimation printing and all factors that impact the result.

Finally, you learned how to make sublimation brighter in a simple way.    

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