How to Clean Sublimation Printer – Maintain & Clean Clogged Printer

Cleaning of any machine increases its efficiency and lifespan. So, sublimation printer has no difference in this regard. You may have queries like how to Clean a Sublimation Printer.

Now various sublimation printers with different sizes and multi-functional bases are available in the market to make your work hassle-free and stylish, for industrial purposes and personal use as well.

How to Clean Sublimation Printer

It is quite common that every machine needs maintenance, so your care and cleanness practice for the sublimation printer can give you brighter results and also can increase its efficiency and lifetime.

So, for a better result and longtime usage, maintenance is vital. Now here you will find some effective ways to clean your sublimation printer properly:  

How to Clean a Sublimation Printer?

The first is the most important thing to make your sublimation printer dust and fluff-free. No doubt, dust is a problem creating substance for any machine; it can cause many problems and can also affect the efficiency of a printer.

So, use a microfiber cleaning cloth to remove dust and other dirt, and be regular to do so. The cleaning and maintenance of all parts are essential.

How to clean a sublimation Printer

How to Clean Lines on the Ricoh Sublimation Printer?

Sometimes you see the black lines at the edges of the pages. This problem occurs when the printer is not scanning properly.

To sort out this problem, take any soft cleaning fabric and clean the scanning glass, also clean the second scanning lens at the top left corner side and the document feeder sides with fabric.

It might be possible you have a problem with drum or fuser at that time you have to call service center.

How to Unclog the Sublimation Printer?

For unclogging your sublimation printer, you need to follow a few effective tips. So, for cleaning, you can use a cleaning solution or clean with water will give you the same results, thus use water to clean the blockage.

How to unclog the sublimation printer

So, dip the printer head in water for hours, but the water should be a bit hot because hot water can easily clean the blockage and dry substances.

Another option to make the process hassle-free is to use a steaming machine; its temperature and steam effect will give you the same result. After cleaning and drying the head, you can see better results.

How to Clean a Clogged Sublimation Printer Head?

If your sublimation ink is clogging your printer head, so find the actual problem due to which it’s happening.

Sometimes this problem occurs because of your negligence; the daily maintenance of a printer is vital. When you don’t use a printer regularly, the ink dries because it’s really sensitive to temperature.

Don’t forget to clean wiper and stack, by using cleaning liquid to clean wiper and stack and later on soak the printer head in the cleaning liquid for better result.

Sometimes because of ink stack leakage, clogging problems appear, so check your ink stack and replace it with a new one.

How to Clean the Sublimation Printer Head?

You cannot follow the same technique to clean the printer or printer head; it may vary according to the printer.

So, for the cleaning of the sublimation printer head, most importantly, be regular to clean the printer head and other parts.

So use the printer once a week to keep it in working condition; otherwise, you may face problems like the sublimation ink may dry.

For cleaning, soak the printer head into cleaning liquid for a day, then dry and fix it again. Using hot water for cleaning will also give you better results. Also have a look, how to troubleshoot sublimation printer.


Now here to sum up all the key points which are required to clean your sublimation printer. The most important thing about cleaning is your regular base cleaning, and don’t leave the printer without using it for a long time.

That time you may face various problems. So, cleaning of sublimation printer is essential because its impact the efficiency.

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