How Does a Sublimation Printer Work? Understand the Actual Process

Sublimation is a method in which a design prints on any material by using sublimation ink, heat, and pressure. Sublimation is surely popular because of its uniqueness and extraordinary results.

In this printing method sublimation printer is used, various sublimation printers are available in the market, Epson and Sawgrass are proving high-quality sublimation printers.

In this process, you transfer the design on sublimation paper and then on any product; during the process, heat and pressure are utilized.

Now you may have a question like how does a Sublimation Printer work?

How does a sublimation printer work

How does a Sublimation Printer work?

Sublimation printing is certainly famous due to the print variety of material, and its popularity is increasing day by day.

Now in this guide, you will see the detailed process of how all this procedure is conducted. After knowing the given steps, you will discover how a sublimation printer does works properly.

Now let’s start the learning:

Step #1: 

First of all, you create a design that you want to print on any material by using a sublimation printer, create a high-resolution and high-quality image, so the sublimation printer gives you the exact result from printing.

So you can take help from any good software to create a unique image or design for printing. When your graphic or design is ready, save it in the system to use later to transfer on sublimation paper.

How does a sublimation printer work

Step #2: 

By utilizing the sublimation ink, you transfer the printing design onto the sublimation paper. The sublimation ink is available in the cartridge.

The sharpness, clarity, color vibration depends on dye particles. Actually, the dye will not give the same result on fabric, mug, or glass; it may vary from material to material.

If you are using an Epson printer so, make sure to use Epson sublimation ink. (Different printers may have different requirement, check it brand to brand).

Step #3: 

Use good quality transfer paper because the low-quality paper may affect the result of the sublimation printer.

High-quality paper releases the dye particles constantly that give elegant design to a product. In this step, you get the printing design on paper.

Additional: (This step is for design transfer)

During the transfer of the printing design by using a sublimation printer, be attentive about time, temperature, and pressure because these factors may affect the printing result. For example, transferring the design on the mug will take more time as compared to the fabric. In this step, the product gets the print on it when it goes through the heat and pressure process. 

Follow all parameters when using heat and pressure according to a material to get a better result. Also check out sublimation printer common issues.

How a Dye sublimation printer works?

It’s really simple to get print on any product by utilizing a dye sublimation printer:

  • You simply need a dye-sublimation printer.
  • A heat press machine to transfer the printing design.
  • A good quality sublimation transfer paper to transfer the design from paper to the product.
  • Another thing is sublimation ink or dye to get sharp and vibrant colors on the product.
  • The process requires software, which transfers the design to paper and then on to the product to give you distinguish printing results.

No doubt, you can easily get exclusive and stylish designs and patterns from a dye sublimation printer.


Finally, you got that, how does a sublimation printer work, what steps you need to follow.

If you need high-quality products, it means opt for a sublimation printer, sublimation paper, sublimation dye, and a good understanding of heat and pressure control, so you can easily get the desired result on your product.

Try to follow the instruction because negligence may waste your time and money.

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