Best Wide Format Sublimation Printers of 2023 – Large & Wide

For promotion purposes, all business needs banners, even when you are running a small business or have a large-scale setup.

So, printing banners for the company, business, and small office or even for any project is a really expensive and time taking process.

So, your requirements can’t be possible through a small compact sublimation printer, you need large size printers, and it is a fact that all large machinery is not affordable and cost-effective.

So here, via this article, we are going to disclose the best wide format sublimation printers for the assistance of businessmen and small business owners.

Generally, people think that for wide format printing companies invest a large amount of budget in printing large banners, somehow, it’s not valid. 

Best wide format sublimation printer

Certainly, most companies use wide format sublimation printers for printing wide-format banners and projects on an industrial scale.

No doubt, many brands are manufacturing wide format sublimation printers, but you cannot say that all are the same productive and efficient.

It might be possible some printers give you blurred and low-quality printing on posters, so you need to be keen when selecting a printer.

Here we will review the well-reputed brands’ wide format sublimation printers so you can select for your large-scale printing needs. No more delay; let’s dive into details:

Our Recommendations

Recommendation # 1

Canon Pro-300

Canon Pro-300

  • Good Quality
  • Wi-Fi
  • Professional use


Recommendation # 2

HP Pro 7740

HP Pro 7740 Wide Format

  • Fast
  • Efficient
  • Easy


Recommendation # 3

Epson XP-970

Epson XP-970

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Wi-Fi


What is the best wide format sublimation printer?

Here we come up with a list of the best wide format sublimation printers of well-known brands to make aware you of the function and advancement of the printers.

List of Best Wide Format Sublimation Printers

Sr #



1.Canon Pro-300 Wireless Printer


2. HP Designjet T210 24-inch


3.Epson XP-970 Wireless Printer


4.HP Pro 7740 Wide Format Printer


5.Brother MFC-J6545DW Printer


1. Canon Pro-300 Wireless Printer

Canon Pro-300


  • High quality printing
  • Smooth flow of work
  • Great printing results
  • Professional use

Canon pro-300 wireless is a high-quality wide format sublimation printer that gives pro-grade printing and graphics with borderless output.

As compared to other wide-format sublimation printers is low cost. Get outclassed and pro-grade grayscale images, photos, and graphics with maximum resolution.

The high productivity rate makes it a favorite for small-scale businesses. So the 10-color pigments ink, LUCIA PRO ink…. is for high-quality printing.

It is very suitable for ultra-long banners and posters.


  • In a very professional way, the printer controls the complete creativity of printing image and keep the theme near to life with the help of PROGRAF PRO-300 professional ink. PROGRAF matt black ink creates a great expression of monochrome images.
  • It offers 9 colors plus a Chroma Optimize Ink System that meet the demands of any professional photographer. Simply get borderless printing on plain or glossy papers. So the Pro-300 simply can accept the sheet of banner up to 39 inches which is surely long enough for posters and banners.
  • Canon pro-300 produces professional quality, smooth workflow, and high productivity and allows you to deliver consistently the same results that your photographs deserve. Using the Pro pigment ink printer delivers outstanding printing results.
  • It offers you many options with 3.0 inches color LCD touch screen with a clear, bright display that you can easily check the ink levels, printing status, and all other operations with simple icons. Easily navigating printers’ menu allows instant fast monitoring.
  • You can easily connect the printer to PC, MAC, and using Wi-Fi and Ethernet. It offers a resolution of 4800 by 2400 dpi that gives impressively vibrant and bright prints.


  • Stunning gallery-quality printing, print banners up to 39 inches long.
  • Easy printing options get professional-level productivity.
  • Highly powerful and intuitive software.
  • Low-cost ink, automatic black ink switching.
  • Automatic detection of nozzle clogging.


  • Don’t support paper rolls, and it is a bit pricy.

Final verdict: 

Canon PRO-300 can easily print large format banners professionally at a low cost. If you want high-quality, high-resolution printing banners so, go with canon pro-300. It is the best large format sublimation printer.

2. HP Designjet T210 24-inch

HP Designjet T210


  • Fast printing
  • Low Cost Printing
  • Easy to use
  • 24 inches large format

HP DesignJet T210 is the best fit for the office budget that gives remarkable printing projects results. It simply and quickly sends the files to the other devices with just a single click. Moreover, it is the best choice of professionals for ACE technical drawings, MCAD professionals.

Additionally, HP smart app enables you to manage your printing takes wirelessly through the smartphone and tablet.

Save your time by using the world’s easiest operating sublimation printer, which gets high volume printing in a short time due to high-speed. It is truly the best 13×19 sublimation printer. Check out some more Sublimation Printers from HP.


  • It is surely the world’s smallest plotter with low cost and easy operating functions. It offers you very simple printing options for wide-format printing. Send multiples files quickly in just one click.
  • It easily creates high-quality professional posters. Additionally, no need for any graphic designing experience for creating outclasses high-resolution posters in a few minutes. Select any professional designers’ templates and get millions of pattern designs by HP link reader.
  • It offers you high-speed printing. You get an A1/D plot in just 45 seconds. So much production in a short time saves your money and time.
  • The printer prints the up to 24 inches large format and up to 13×19 inches wide format by using the optional automatic sheets feeder. Download the HP smart app and manage your large format printing any time anywhere from your smartphone, PC, and tablet. However, Single click printing saves time with the easiest printing job.
  • It saves up to 95% less ink in daily maintenance as compared to plotter prints. It helps you to save time and no wastage of ink. It also offers multiple software that helps you like HP click, HP smart app, HP print preview for windows, Hp Designjet, etc.  


  • Thermal inject printing.,4.3 ices touch screen
  • High printing resolution 2400 by 1200dpi.
  • Ideal for AEC and Mcad professionals.
  • Prints, maps, posters, and professional drawings.
  • One-year limited hardware warranty.


  • Short memory and sometimes printing colors issues.

Final verdict: 

Here is the world’s smallest and low-cost plotter with outstanding simplicity. Wide-format modern office designs sublimation printer that prints multiple files quickly. So you can select the best sublimation printer-wide format.

3. Epson XP-970 Wireless Printer

Epson XP-970


  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Multiple options to connect
  • Good results

You are in the right place! If you are so keen on a maximum printing area. Epson XP-970 is a wide format sublimation printer that offers a large area of printing, but it’s relatively lightweight and compact.

It’s surely compact and stylish also the best printer if you want to produce superior, glossy photographs up to A3. It has many connectivity options that make the printing task much easier.

Epson XP-970 Wireless Printer


  • It offers you the long-lasting Claria Photo HD ink of six color set that brings beauty to the photographs. Additionally, you can print the CDs and DVDs and thicker paper by using the rear media feed. It is easy to switch during the tasks using two front-loading paper trays.
  • It provides the facility of print, scan, and copy, plus double-sided printing means saving on paper usage. Its 9.0 inches touch screen makes the work easy.
  • You get many flexible printing solutions with Epson XP-970. You need Wi-Fi for printing and wireless scanning by Wi-Fi direct. Use the Epson iPrint app to print photos from social media, create greeting cards, and much more.
  • You can take prints regularly or occasionally. It has an affordable option that suits both extra large and standard cartridges. By using extra-large, you pay less and print more. All colors are available individually, so only replace the run-out color.
  • Epson’s genuine ink and papers produce the best printing result gain and gain. Easily take print from smart devices like smartphones, Pc, and laptops.  


  • Borderless photos up to 11 by 17 inches.
  • Built-in USB and memory card slot and special media support.
  • Voice-activated printing.
  • 4 by 6 inches photos just print in a few seconds.
  • 6-Claria Photo HD inks create Ultra HD photos.


  • Minimum color range.

Final verdict: 

Here is the small-in-one wide format sublimation printer that produces stunning borderless photos with HD quality prints. It is a truly superb product for creating glossy photographs in a wide format. It is the best sublimation printer for large prints.

4. HP Pro 7740 Wide Format Printer

HP Pro 7740


  • Cost less
  • 22 pages in a minute
  • Best for small businesses

It is surely one of the best all-in-one wide format sublimation printers which work with four inks. HP Pro 7740 offers you professional quality wide format printing with fast speed and the simplest printing options.

It delivers the perfect printing results to large format printing smoothly. It also has a facility for scanning and copying.

Maximum capability and connectivity make the HP pro 7740 ideal for sublimation printing. It has all qualities to create exceptional printing, but it is much suitable for small offices.


  • It provides the facility of copy scan, fax ad wide format prints up to 11 by 17 inches, Air print, 2-sided duplex printing, borderless printing with easy options.
  • The printing operation becomes easier and hassle-free when you download the HP smart app that enables you to set up your printer easily, scan from a smartphone, place an order for toner and take prints from iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
  • You simply save up to 50% less per page cost as compared to any other color laser, and also give high-speed printing, you can print up to 22 pages just in a single minute. It supports high-volume office printing. The capacity of the input tray is up to 500 sheets.
  • Use the original HP 952 and HP 952 XL ink cartridge for high-quality results and get more and more printouts. Actually, Hp ink prints more pages as refilled cartridges.
  • The ideal wide format sublimation printer for professionals and small business set up because it offers high-quality documents, borderless photographs, and double-sided printing material up to 11 by 17 inches.


  • High printing speed, wide format printing of 17 by 11 inches.
  • Fast 2-sided auto document feeder.
  • Easily handle high-volume jobs with 500 sheets.
  • Easy mobile printing facility, scan to email.
  • 2.6 color touch screen, Ethernet networking


  • Hp Instant ink is not eligible.

Final verdict: 

Amazing wide format printer has many qualities such as outclass performance, low cost, many compatibility options that make it ideal. HP Pro 7740 is a multi-functional printer for printing, copying, and scanning. However, it’s the best industrial sublimation printer for printing large formats like banners, posters, and maps on a large scale.  

5. Brother MFC-J6545DW Printer

Brother MFC-J6545DW


  • Perfect for offices
  • Multiple connectivity
  • Mobile friendly app

If you are searching wide format sublimation printer but light weighted so, here, we include the Brother 6545DW sublimation printer to relieve you.

Simply, it produces wide format borderless printing with high-quality printing results. It is quite fast to complete your small office tasks. It is recommended for a wide format printing, but its weight is just 43.3 lbs which means it is easily portable.

The printer saves your time and money due to the double-sided printing facility. It has large ink tanks, so at a time, it holds a high number of inks because the printer uses a large number of inks.

Moreover, it has paper-handling versatility. Brother’s machines are considered as one of the best sublimation printers for T-Shirts.

Brother MFC-J6545DW Printer


  • It is a multi-functional wide format printer that includes print, scan and fax, and copy. The maximum speed for printing black and white papers is 22 pages per minute maximum color printing speed is 20 pages per minute.
  • Automatic two-sides printing facility saves time and money, and automatic document feeder holds 50 sheets up to A3 size.
  • The internal ink storage tank delivers up to 9000 pages of black pages or 6500 pages of color ink. By using the iPrint and Scan app, you can avail the mobile printing facility. However, you can easily monitor the ink levels of the ink usage and place an order if the ink runs out.
  • You get up to one year of ink with the printer; special large tanks hold more ink. It has a versatile paper handling facility.
  • It has a 3.7-inch touch screen and a smart pro series control panel with few buttons options, making printing tasks easy. It offers many connectivity options like Ethernet, Wi-Fi Direct, and USB.


  • Printing cost is very low with fast printing.
  • The Revolutionary INKvestment system holds more ink.
  • No interruption in printing, up to year ink in-box.
  • Page Gauge, update about ink levels.
  • Duplex capability, auto document feeder, capability 11 by 17 inches.
  • Support Ethernet, USB 2.0, and Wi-Fi.


  • Manual-duplex ADF
  • Less input paper capacity.

Final verdict: 

It’s surely an excellent wide format small-office sublimation printer. It prints fast and with a highly competitive printing cost. It is surely the less expensive printer you can’t be disappointed after buying this model.


Why does the printer print the wrong colors?

First, check the Grayscale setting is not selected in your printer software. Secondly, run a nozzle to check for any clogging in the printer head nozzle. These are the main reasons that the printer prints the wrong colors.

What is the simplest way to convert the normal printer into a sublimation printer?

For a printer that uses a Micro Piezo printing head, you can convert that printer for sublimation printing, but for the printers that use a thermal printing head, you cannot use that printer for sublimation.

Does the sublimation printing reduce the quality of the product?

Sublimation printing provides a permanent design, and it does not affect the quality of any article and also doesn’t damage the product if you handle the sublimation printing process with proper instructions.

What is the best graphic design software for sublimation printing?

Here is the few best graphic design software for sublimation printing:

  1. Adobe Photoshop.
  2. GIMP-best free choice.
  3. CorelDRAW Graphic suit.
  4. INKSCAPE-best for beginners.
  5. Sketch-best for mac users.


After providing the complete detail about the best wide format sublimation printer for you here, we want to make your mind for purchasing and make you more confident about your decision, so here are our top picks:

Suggestion #1: Canon Pro-300 Wireless Printer: 

Canon is the leading brand for providing the world-class sublimation printer, so canon pro-300 is one of them. For wide-format printing, it’s surely the best wireless professional photo printer.

Suggestion #2: HP Pro 7740 Wide Format Printer: 

Low-cost all-in-one wide format sublimation printer with many advanced features. By using 4 individual inks… you get pro–looking prints.

Suggestion #3: Epson XP-970 Wireless Printer: 

Provide you the high-quality wide format printing at high speed. Epson is the best choice for printing wide-format banners and posters of top quality.


We have done our job! Now it’s your turn to make a decision and select the best one for you. We include all top-quality, stylish, and ultra-advanced wide format sublimation printers in the article.

All are well-performing, best-selling, and top-reviewed printers. Additionally, we add all well-known brands’ sublimation printers to the list.

But it’s a general phenomenon that with many options, we get confused and puzzled in making a decision, simply review again and confidently select the best.

We hope no one will disappoint you. All these wide format printers are very ideal for large-scale, high-volume printing projects, best for banners and posters or other large formats.

So, choose the best according to your small business requirements. Don’t worry… All products offer durability and longevity!

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