Best Sawgrass Sublimation Printer 2023 – Is it Good for You?

If you are searching for the best sawgrass sublimation printer for doing sublimation printing on different things like artwork on paper or transferring a cool design on fabrics or ceramics, you should check out Sawgrass SG500.

This machine is really amazing and can easily work on so many different articles. So, here is our description and details of SG500.

Best Sawgrass Sublimation Printer

Read and learn how amazing this Sublimation printer is; certainly, a dream come true! Not just take our words but rather read the detailed review to get a better idea of the features of this best sublimation printer by Sawgrass.

Best Sawgrass Sublimation Printer

Best Sawgrass Sublimation Printer


  • Sawgrass is the brand name
  • Wifi is the technology that you will have here for Connectivity
  • Your printer is compatible with a different types of devices like PC, Smartphones, and Laptops
  • Here, Duplex is automatic

Product Description

If you are willing to start a small or even large business around sublimation printing work, this is your best buddy in that business.

Sawgrass SG500 can be a great fit for your customized goods. The great part is that it is the only sublimation printer that is a “desktop printer.”

The product is so cool that even when you are tight on the budget due to low cost and so many additional expenses that you may be bearing to keep running your startup, you will still be creating highly creative and customized products of amazing quality.

You can be sure that the image quality will fully be HD and vibrant. Using SG500 is quick. It is easy, and if you are running a business on behalf of its products, then it is profitable too.

Moreover, it may be possible that for your own work or projects, you need sublimation products and, in that case, you can save a very hefty amount because now you can create your sublimation products without any hassle.

Product Description

When you are buying SG500, you are not just buying SG500; you will also get Sawgrass Print Manager.

Moreover, it will also have Creative Studio Online Designer and SubliJet UHD Sublimation Inks. SG500 also comes with a 2-Year Product Warranty.

You will also receive In-house Support Designed to cut down ink and the consumption of power. It does not mean that you have to be compromising on quality.

Rather, you will still be receiving optimum quality and great efficiency levels. With the help of SG500, anyone can create or design premium and high-quality products and images.

The best part is that even creating high quality, the level of cost still remains reasonable (for professional level but for personal use, it might be a bit expensive for some users), and you may call it economical if you are looking at it as a professional investment.

Benefits to Buyers

Best Sawgrass Sublimation Printer
Infographic: Best Sawgrass Sublimation Printer


There are so many different products currently available on the market. However, not every product is versatile.

The users may have to invest in different printers at a time despite the fact that all the printers are of the best quality.

Here, Sawgrass’s sublimation printing technology is just amazing. You are getting extreme versatility here.

Moreover, SubliJet-UHD has the potential to decorate/ design different things that are polymer-coated hard substrates.

These various things can be FRP plastic, hardboard, glass, metal, ceramic, and poly-performance fabrics. SubliJet-UHD can easily work on things that are 100% white polyester fabric-based.

The vibrancy of Colors:

The buyers can enjoy the amazing vibrancy of colors and stunning resolution. These kinds of results are usually not available with other digital processes.

SG500 is the choice of professional people. People who need professional work with high-quality results.

Infusion of Image:

Sublimation is a totally different process. There are so many other ways to design, like screen printing, direct-to-substrate printing, and print-cut vinyl.

However, all these printing methods only set designs on the surface. In the case of sublimation, it is a bit different because sublimation will infuse the surface.

Therefore, later, there will be no peel, crack, or wash away issues.

Creative Studio:

It is one of its kind online designing tool. The very reason to create this online tool is to facilitate sublimation printing.

The users will not only get so many product templates (built-in), but also thousands of ready-made designs, and all of these things can integrate easily with the Sawgrass printer.

Creativity is a really frustrating process but with the creative studio, experience a smooth designing phase. Moreover, you can further enhance the features and designs with premium access for unlimited membership.



Print Quality rating


Tech Support rating


Touch Screen rating

SG500 vs SG400

The SG500 is an amazing product when it comes to usability. It is not just about one product. Actually, the previous product, SG400, was also a great and reliable product.

So, when a brand already has other products currently or previously on the market that are popular products, automatically the credibility and the image of each product of that brand automatically increase.

Well, it is not just because of the brand credibility, SG500 has some serious design improvements, and one of such improvements is the single roll-bar.

Furthermore, the SG500 sublimation printer is also a very efficient machine when it comes to energy efficiency. While using this printer, you will be getting prints with a great higher resolution.

You will also have better wifi connectivity. Using SG500 is like enjoying higher quality products within budget.

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So, can a user have any of the models or just stick to this SG500? Well, all the other models of Sawgrass are certainly performing great, and if you have questions, is Sawgrass the best sublimation printer brand?

Then the answer is yes, it is a great brand to buy your sublimation printer. Now, the question is only this model SG500, or you can opt for any model of this brand.

SG500 vs SG400

So, the answer is that you can opt for any model. However, whenever a company/brand launches a new product, they usually do so whenever they introduce new features or have some improvements.

Thus, buying other models can be good, but if you want to enjoy all the latest features and improvements, then opting for SG500 will be an amazing choice.

In terms of usability, this product is just outstanding, and you will be able to experience its awesomeness when you are using it.

Moreover, to enjoy all these latest features, you will not be paying a huge amount, but rather the price is quite affordable for professional work and quite similar to the models that are already available.

Another interesting fact is that the SG500 is actually compatible with the SG400 accessories, and now it is an interesting factor.

For example, if you need an additional printer in your business setup or you are willing to buy a new printer, but you still have accessories of the previous printer (SG400) available, you can opt for SG500.

Usually, printers have a cost then you have to spend more on accessories. However, most of the time, the accessories or one printer are not usable for the other printer, and so even when you have accessories from your old printer, even from the same brand, just the model is different; you just have to buy accessories that are compatible with your new printer.

Also check our detailed review on Best Brother Sublimation Printers.

In the case of SG500, you are in luck. If you have some previous accessories for SG400, you can use them with SG500.

Here we are talking about accessories like a bypass tray of SG400; you can easily use this bypass tray here. Moreover, with SG500 print on media up to 1295 mm (51˝ long).

Another interesting and notice-worthy feature is the automatic maintenance cycle. If you are new and it is your first-time purchasing of Sawgrass printer, you may get surprised by knowing that SG500 will have its own automatic maintenance cycle. This automatic mechanism for trouble-free printing is actually available in all the Sawgrass printers.

System Requirements

There are certain requirements. Without fulfilling these requirements, you cannot run Sawgrass Print Manager

  • You need Windows OS; even better if you can opt for Windows 10 or at least Windows 7
  • Apple OSX / MacOS (for better results, MacOS 10.13 and versions after MacOS 10.13)
  • Apple M1 ARM processor and Sawgrass Print Manager version 10.0.0 and Rosetta 2 are good in the compatibility to depart
  • 4GB RAM is the minimum requirement
  • 8GB Minimum is recommended
  • Dual Core should be the minimum CPU type
  • Quad Core or even anything better on the market is recommended
  • 10% Free HDD Space is the minimum requirement
  • 1024*768 pixels at 100% zoom (Minimum) Screen Resolution

When you buy any product, and especially if you are spending a good amount on that product, it is great to know if you are backed by a guarantee or a warranty.

Well, in the case of SG500, the users will have a 2-year warranty. This is not it because Sawgrass will also be providing users unlimited tech support and this tech support for the entire life of the product.


  • Wide format cannot be printed
  • For personal use per sheet printing may cost extra so for people who are tight on budget should opt for other printers that can keep per sheet cost within budget.


Can I do t-shirt designs with this printer. Is this the right printer?

SG500 is a sublimation printer, and yes, this printer can work for you. However, for t-shirt printing, just a sublimation printer is not enough; you will also need a heat press. Moreover, the t-shirt must have polyester in it, or you can opt for a poly-cotton combo.

It is good to take help from Youtube videos. So, you can do the whole process without any hassle.

Can I use it every day or for regular printing work?

If your regular printing costs you around $1 per sheet, then yes, you can opt for regular printing or everyday printing with this printer. However, you can go for a less expensive compatible Inkjet instead of the regular cartridge of this printer if you are willing to lower the cost per printing sheet.

Will black cotton be okay if I want to sublimate?

The answer is No. For using cotton, actually, you should be adding something different like you can design with other mediums. There are different things available on the market that claim to sublimate on cotton. However, the results may fade away after the first initial washes.

Can I use only the desktop? What about if I want to use a laptop with this printer?

Well, you can easily use a laptop like MacBook or some other brands. Do not get confused; you can easily use it with Windows or Mac, laptop or PC.

Is it an economical option?

Well, the printer is really great in terms of performance. However, it may not be the most economical option. So, if you are looking for an economical option, it is good to opt for some other brands or Sawgrass’s other models. If quality is your main concern, opt for this printer, it may not be economical, but it yields great articles.

Are startup cartridges different than regular ones?

The SG500 printer has cartridges. However, these cartridges are smaller in size. So, you have to get cartridges.

How is the color quality?

The colors are just outstanding and very much the same that you have on your original picture or design.

How long does ink last?

Even with the new printer, after printing 10 sheets, the ink will be almost half full. However, it is not like you have used ink on prints and the rest of the ink in cartridges. Actually, some will be in reserve. So, the answer, you will have plenty of ink for prints.

How many items can a person print if he has 31 ml ink cartridges?

Well, you can print quite a good number of prints. Actually, it is not possible to give a perfect print number because the ink cartridge consumption also depends on the fact that what kind of designs you are printing.

Is SG500 wireless?

Yes, the SG500 sublimation printer is wireless, and you can also use the Bluetooth facility here.

Can I easily print wide sheets with SG500?

You cannot print wide sheets with SG500 because it is not a wide format printer. There are some other printers that are specially designed for wide formatting but not this one.

What about its compatibility with iPad Pro? Can I use it with an iPad Pro?

The program can only be used with a computer or a laptop setup. It may not connect with any device as different devices ask for different connectivity features.

If I run out of black ink only before, can I change out just black ink or all the other inks should be changed too, even if I have other inks in reserve?

It is totally okay and possible to change just one ink cartridge if you run out of that particular ink; no need to change all the inks as long as they are available in reserve.

Will I get the printer with full inks or full cartridges?

Yes, you will have starter ink cartridges (CYMK). These inks are enough to let you start your work. These cartridges are not regular ink full but good enough to test you or start working instantly. However, if you are planning a long project on behalf of these cartridges, it is better to get additional ink cartridges depending on the workload of your project.

Is it possible to use transfer paper for transferring to PVC, polycarbonate, or pet? If not, then which of these I can work for?

Yes, the use of transfer paper for sublimation on any of these mentioned materials is possible. SG500 printer may not be able to print on large-size sheets, but other than that, any material you can sublimate on.

Can I use SG500 with white ink for prints?

Well, no, you cannot use white ink.

Does this printer print out 11×14 or 11×17 paper?

No, it will not be able to print wide or large format sheets.

SG500 is compatible with a heat transfer machine?

Yes, you can use SG500 and any heat transfer machine for sublimation printing work.

Will I get ink with this printer?

The short answer is Yes, but the quantity of these inks will be lesser than the regular ink cartridges. So, plan your work accordingly. If you need it just for small tasks, then these inks will be enough but for larger projects, decide accordingly.

What is the weight of this printer? Is it moveable?

Well, not exactly, but it weighs around 5 pounds. It is not that heavy.

Can I refill ink cartridges?

No. It is not possible to refill ink cartridges. You have to get new cartridges once the cartridges have run out of ink.


So, it was our detailed review of Sawgrass SG500. We hope you have learned a lot from this review about this versatile sublimation printer.

It is an amazing one-time investment that you certainly be opting for if you need something professional and good high-quality work.

Using SG500 is a 100% yes. However, only if per page/sheet cost is not an issue; if your work is not very costly and you are getting returns, otherwise it may be an expensive option, but for true professionals, this printer is a great fit.

Buy Sawgrass SG500 (the best sawgrass sublimation printer) today and enjoy really good projects and amazing sublimation printing results.

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