Best Canon Sublimation Printers in 2023 – Everything You Need to Know!

If you are willing to buy specifically a Canon sublimation printer, you will also be interested in buying the best canon sublimation printer. Well, in that case, make sure you are focusing on quality and convenience.

However, it is also possible that searching best canon sublimation printer is all about just buying the best portable printer. In that case, Canon is indeed a good brand to start your search for a portable printer.

Best Canon Sublimation Printer

Canon can print some of the most amazing photos for you, and within a few clicks, your digital photos are ready to share as these models often enough will be using dye-sublimation technology.

Moreover, different Canon products offer different printing features. Now, let’s find out what are the best possible options out there.

Our Recommendations

Recommendation # 1

Canon Selphyl CP 1300

Canon Selphyl CP 1300

  • Wi-Fi
  • Fast
  • Compact


Recommendation # 2

Canon Pixma MG3620

Canon Pixma MG3620

  • Fast
  • Good Quality
  • Wireless


Recommendation # 3

Canon 9856B002AA

Canon 9856B002AA

  • Speed Printing
  • Wide Plot
  • Economy Mode


Best Canon Sublimation Printer

Sr #



1.Canon SELPHY CP1300


2. Canon 9856B002AA imagePROGRAF iPF770


3.Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless


4.Canon SELPHY QX10 Portable


1. Canon® SELPHY™ CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer

Canon Selphy CP1300


  • Print a card size photo in 39 seconds.
  • Compact in size.
  • Wireless Connectivity.

Not everyone needs similar kinds of features, even if they are buying products from a similar category.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best canon sublimation printer and you do not need versatility, you can easily go with Canon® SELPHY™ CP1300 without a doubt.

Canon Selphy CP1300 dye-sub photo printer is a great choice, in case you only require 4 x 6-inch photos and other photo dimensions are not even required. Then you can opt for this product.

Let’s be honest, not every time, everywhere we can fit our office machinery or business machinery, and spacious place is not always available.

Well, with this printer, you do not need to think twice as it is really small in size and a highly compact printer.

Canon Selphy CP1300

You can connect the printer in several ways as it comes with various connectivity options. You can easily opt for wifi connectivity for print.

You can use an SD card with this printer without any issues. Do you want to see how your photos will be looking on mobile phones once printed?

The great news is you can easily check here by simply downloading the app. App? Yes, Canon’s print app gives you the privilege to directly check on your mobile device.

Moreover, you can opt for apple devices or for Android-based devices.

The print contains an AC adapter. However, it is totally up to you, and you can opt for a battery pack, so it improves the portability factor of this printer further.

You get this machine with a small LCD (3.2 inches); it gives you the facility to preview images that you are willing to print via thumb drive or, in some cases, with a memory card. This is also considered as one of the best sublimation printers in the market.

Check out some more features:

  • The weight of Canon® SELPHY™ CP1300 is just 1.90 lbs which is compared with other printers, it is really light, and it is certainly a prominent feature of this printer.
  • The Canon® SELPHY™ CP1300 Dimensions are as follows: 5.4 x 7.1 x 2.5 inches.
  • The Type of Canon® SELPHY™ CP1300 is a dye-sublimation printer
  • It comes under the category of portable printers
  • If your requirement is just the color photos with dye-sub printing, then this product is the right fit for 4 x 6-inch color photos. The prints are durable, and they have vivid colors too.


  • It is not a very expensive option so really good for people who are looking for economical solutions. It is one of the best canon printers for sublimation options.
  • Quite easy to understand, and anyone can use it.
  • You can easily move it anywhere as it is really lightweight, so quite Portable.
  • This printer also offers you wireless connectivity
  • Great news if you are willing to use an SD memory card directly. No issue. You can use an SD memory card, and it is possible through a memory card slot.


  • Heat transferring method is not possible with this product, and if you are specifically looking for something for mugs, t-shirts, then this product is not suitable for you.

Final verdict: 

Easy to handle and modern style printer is a great fit for office or home use. If you are tight on budget or do not have many requirements and the features you are looking for in the best canon sublimation printer are present in Canon® SELPHY™ CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer, then go for it.

2. Canon 9856B002AA image PROGRAF iPF770 36-Inch Large-Format Inkjet Printer with Sub-ink Tank System


  • Status Monitor
  • Economy Mode
  • High Speed Quality Printing

Buyers of Canon products are really enthusiastic about Canon products, and they are enthusiastic for the right reasons.

Usually, whenever Canon is part of any category, the company tries to over-deliver in the same price range for that category where other companies are offering their products too.

For performance and speed, Canon is surely the best choice. Thus, if you are looking for the best canon printer for sublimation for a large-format sublimation printer.

Canon 9856B002AA imagePROGRAF iPF770 has qualities that can be compared to world-class printers. It is amazing when it comes to features like ink volume, speed, and performance.

If you check other models within the same price range, this product is a much better deal.

Here you get a 36-inch print area, and it can easily let you get posters, sheets, and the speed is just remarkable. It can print easily A1 size sheets with great accuracy.

Furthermore, even Canon itself makes claims like Canon printers are much better than Epson printers like “Epson SureColor T3170”.

You can get a very useful option to send commands. This handy option is Canon’s cloud portal system. This option is really convenient when you have an on-printer at the office, but now the printed product is needed somewhere else.

No matter where you are, you can print from there. However, there are a few points that you may need to know, like you cannot take a print on fabric or on a thick board.

Your only good options are things like film papers or paper sheets. Well, it is not a small feature because you are interested in only this feature.

This printer cannot be a good fit. So, keep your motive in mind while selecting a wide-format printer.

Indeed, Canon 9856B002AA imagePROGRAF iPF770 can be the best canon sublimation printer because you can get great color consistency, wide plots, and great blueprints, plus the speed is really exceptional.

Nonetheless, some of its exceptional features like less ink wastage or less power usage makes it a try-worthy product. You can consider this product of Canon as a reliable machine.

You can surely opt for this canon printer if your aim is to use it for a small (home-based) t-shirt printing business or you need large designs and plots. This is your printer if other pros fit in your checklist.

Check out some more features:

  • Canon tries to over-deliver in the same price range where other printer companies are also available.
  • Exceptional product for performance and speed
  • Quite good for large-format
  • Great color quality
  • Canon’s cloud portal system (handy option)
  • Can print on film papers or paper sheets
  • Wide plots
  • Use a very small amount of ink


  • Does not need a lot of ink
  • You can use Canon’s cloud portal system from a different location than where your printer is available.
  • Great speed


  • Not for fabric or for a thick board article.

Final verdict:

If you have no issue with some limitations of this product, then this Canon printer is a great fit in this price range and with these amazing features. Using it is a big yes because it is an amazing product whether you are using it for a small business or for your personal use. This printer is a good investment.

3. Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless All-In-One Color Inkjet Printer

Canon Pixma MG3620


  • Powerful Printing Options
  • Compact in Size
  • Beautiful Design
  • Wireless Setup

Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless All-In-One Color Inkjet Printer can offer so many exciting features like Auto duplex printing.

This duplex printing can decline your paper use even around 50% (which is a considerable number). You can save money and time. You can use Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 SP1, and so many other options.

It is really quick. Canon Pixma MG3620 comes with a wireless setup.

You do not need to stick with this printer as it also provides you to print via different apple-based products like your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with the help of AirPrint.

For your android devices, you can use Mopria and Google Cloud Print.

9.9 IPM Black and 5.7 IPM for color are available. The design of this machine is really compact, and it saves a lot of space because other printers with these same features may be really bulky and are not very convenient when it comes to space adjustment.

Moreover, you can get a two-sided printing feature with this machine.

Canon Pixma MG3620 is a very simple and very reliable product. It can handle your working needs in a very efficient way.

Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless

Moreover, among all the other printers with the same features and functionalities, Canon Pixma MG3620 is an economical option.

Therefore, if you are looking for a printer that you can use at home with ease, this can be your desired product.

However, it is not a great fit for officer use. Even instructions are not in layman languages. Thus, a lot of users are not very clear when it comes to instructions.

It can be an easy product for people who are tech-savvy, but it might not be that simple for people who are not tech-savvy.

Check out some more features:

  • Auto duplex printing
  • 50% paper reduction
  • Compatible with different windows options
  • Quick
  • Wireless setup
  • Print via different apple-based products (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and AirPrint).
  • For Android devices, Mopria and Google Cloud Print


  • 9.9 IPM Black and 5.7 IPM for color
  • Compact
  • Two-sided printing feature
  • Reliable product
  • Very efficient
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not for office use
  • Instructions are not easy
  • If you are not tech-savvy, it may be hard to use

Final verdict:

If you need a Budget-friendly sublimation printer and if your primary purpose is a printer for studies, so it is a good product for students. It is quick, and the setup is wireless.

However, the Instructions are not user-friendly. Therefore, some users might find it tough, and it is not a recommended product when it is for office use.

4. Canon SELPHY QX10 Portable Square Photo Printer



  • Print photos from your phone.
  • 2 Different LEDs for Indication
  • 1.00 lbs weight.

Different Canon printers provide different features. If you are looking for the best canon sublimation printer and you need dye-sublimation technology, you can opt for Canon SELPHY QX10.

We are saying so because QX10 offers dye-sublimation technology. With this specific model, you get a very different experience because 4 times, every photo print passes through.

It happens to include a final protective coating, and before that coating, if your photo requires cyan, magenta, and yellow dyes, the four-time steps can add those dyes.

Moreover, it is a portable wireless printer. QX10 is a built-in rechargeable power pack. With this, you can easily get 20 photos printing, but the charge has to be full for these 20-photo printings.

There is no main charger present in the box, but you get a USB A to Micro B charging cable. Connecting wifi directly to mobile sets or iOS or Android devices is hassle-free. It is easy.

Canon SELPHY Photo Layout app is there for getting prints.

The whole process gets really simple just select photos on your phone and get the prints of your desired photos. Moreover, you can also include stamps and text if you want to add.

Even there are filters that you can utilize to make improvisation in the final print of your selected designs.

It is not like inkjet printing because of the exact number of prints you will get from each dye cassette.

Check out some more features:

  • Look wise, this Canon product is really awesome.
  • You can order it in black, white, green and pink.
  • Very styling and trendy look
  • Contains a single operating button
  • Two LEDs are present for charging and status indications
  • You may not easily call it a pocket printer as it does have a big body structure 


  • When it comes to quality images, you can indeed rely on this machine as it can provide good image quality.
  • Canon’s companion app makes it even further easy to use product
  • Quite good when comes to speedy working


  • It is not a budget-friendly printer for some, but if the price is not an issue, you may opt for it.
  • You cannot use this printer with a computer.
  • For the pocket printer category, its size is a bit bulky.

Final verdict:

It can easily fit into a large pocket, just like the SELPHY Square QX10 name, it offers you square photo prints (2.7×2.7 inches), and you can get them directly from the mobile phone.

If you are in search of the best canon printer for sublimation and having dye-sublimation technology, you can go with this printer. Good quality, neat and compact printer is just an amazing addition in the market.


What printers can you opt for sublimation printing?

Okay, so some of the printers may look just regular printers, but the sublimation printing needs special printers that can do dye sublimation/ digital sublimation. Currently, the market is full of various options. Therefore, proper research is mandatory.

Is Canon a good brand for sublimation printing?

Well, it depends on what you mean by it. Canon printers are good, compact, easy, budget-friendly, and can be used for sublimation if you are asking for dye-sublimation printing/digital sublimation.

However, if you are expecting a t-shirt, mug, fabric sublimation printing, then Canon all models might not be fit for that purpose, but again it depends on which printer model of Canon we are discussing. Canon has a wide range, and the answer cannot be the same for every Canon printer. 


1.Canon® SELPHY™ CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer

It is a very economical option and not an expensive option. It is a very user-friendly printer, and any user can use it easily. It is extremely lightweight, so it is quite a portable machine. Wireless connectivity is present in this printer. Direct use of an SD memory card is also possible.

2. Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless All-In-One Color Inkjet Printer

It is a very compact solution. You can use it for the Two-sided printing feature. It is a reliable product. When it comes to performance, it is a really efficient printer. Moreover, it is a budget-friendly solution.

3 Canon 9856B002AA imagePROGRAF iPF770

When you are using Canon 9856B002AA imagePROGRAF iPF770, just be sure that it will not use a lot of ink. Canon’s cloud portal system is present, and you can use it even if you are not where your printer is. Moreover, it is amazing when it is about comparing the speed of other printers which have similar printing features.


This category of the printer fills so many options, and every printer offers a different set of features. Therefore, proper research before buying is a must.

However, even if a certain printer matches your printer buying checklist, make sure you are also examining its ink usage plus paper usage as some of the printers, even if they are offering all the modern features, but they do waste a lot of ink and use so many papers.

Plus, wireless connectivity and different advanced things that can make the design reaching process easy are also good options to check. We have covered here different Canon printers so it can ease your best Canon sublimation printer search. I hope this article will help.

Happy buying…

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