Best Brother Sublimation Printers in 2023 – Expert Reviews

If you want to get the best brother sublimation printer, this article can help you a lot. We have covered here different features of Brother brand sublimation printers so you can decide which one is the best brother printer for sublimation and best suited for your own work environment and requirement.

Best Brother Sublimation Printer

Here in our list, we have covered different info like features, basic points, our verdict for each product on this list, and the pros/cons of every product that we are discussing in this article.

“Sublimation printers’ market” is getting large every year, and every other day, there are a few new products, so, in such a scenario, it can really be overwhelming which printer option to choose from.

Here, a good point is that at least you are sure about the brand, and you are specifically looking for Brother brand products, so this article has been designed keeping that point in mind that you need sublimation printer info but specific to the brother brand.

So, here are our top picks…

Our Recommendations

Recommendation # 1

Brother MFC-J4535DW

Brother MFC-J4535DW

  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Wi-Fi
  • High Quality


Recommendation # 2

Brother Inkjet Printer

Brother Inkjet Printer

  • Versatile
  • Good Quality
  • 500 sheets capacity


Recommendation # 3

Brother MFC-J995DW

Brother MFC-J995DW

  • Speed Printing
  • Easy Setup
  • Internal Ink Storage


Best Brother Sublimation Printer

Sr #



1.Brother MFC-J995DW


2. Brother HL-L2320D Mono Laser Printer


3.Brother Inkjet Printer, MFCJ6945DW B07GD52JR4


4.Brother MFC-J4535DW INKvestment


1. Brother MFC-J995DW

Brother MFC-J995DW


  • Internal INK storage tank
  • Easy setup
  • Wireless connection
  • Offers automatic duplex printing

Brother is a quite popular brand, and it is for all the right reasons. Brother brand electronics and electrical equipment are highly popular.

It is possible that you are already using its sewing machine or any electronic equipment, but the printer range is also notice-worthy. One of these printers is the MFC-J995DW sublimation printer.

This printer is just amazing for personal use or for having a sublimation printer at home. If you are searching best brother sublimation printer, then it depends on what features you are looking for because the MFC-J995DW sublimation printer can be part of this list.

Moreover, it is not just a sublimation printer, but rather it works as an all-rounder; you can use it for copying, OCR scanning, and faxing.

Moreover, if you are running a business setup and you are looking for something cost-effective, and still that printer can work for you for years.

You know, something all-in-one types, something with easy setup. Great news! You have found your product. You can use mainly paper and cards here.

Not every material. Let’s see what else you have got here. MFC-J995DW sublimation printer comes with an intelligent page gauge system.

Plus, you will also be using long-lasting ink. This long-lasting ink feature is claimed by the company.

There are so many varieties of paper, and you can print on any type of paper; whatever settings you have applied, this Brother model- MFC-J995DW will print the best way possible.

It will also save time, with no issue of stuck paper or lags. Moreover, even the brand Brother gives the guarantee that ink cartridges will stay (longer than average ink cartridges).

However, it may not go for sublimation printing, but yes, this claim is true for basic printing. For making it suitable for sublimation, you have to replace its ink cartridges with sublimation ink cartridges.

It is possible to share print commands with USB, NFC, or simply via wifi. Most printers have this function now, especially printers that fall in the category of all-rounder printers.

Dual page printing with an automatic mechanism is another feature that is common in best-quality printers.

Thus, if having the best suitable printer for home or office with some basic sublimation functionality is your requirement, then you can opt for Brother MFC-J995DW.

  • Brother brand is highly popular in electronics and electrical equipment. The printer range is also nice.
  • For personal use, this printer is just amazing for personal use or for having a sublimation printer at home. 
  • It is an all-rounder printer (copying, OCR scanning, and faxing).
  • Highly cost-effective. 
  • Easy setup. 
  • Amazing for paper and cards
  • An intelligent page gauge system. 
  • No issue of stuck paper
  • No lagging
  • Print command with USB, NFC, or simply via wifi.
  • The best suitable printer for home or office


  • Very simple setup and anyone can use it
  • You can easily save on inks
  • Great connectivity options like Apple and Google cloud print systems, NFC, and wifi


  • You cannot do print sublimation on woods, fabrics, wood, etc. (just paper or card sort of material is great here)


You are searching for the best brother printer for sublimation print, and you want to go with the brother brand, then this is the printer for you. Price range, features, all the things are on 10/10.

2. Brother HL-L2320D Mono Laser Printer

Brother HL-L2320D


  • 30ppm speed
  • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface
  • Automatic duplexing
  • 250 sheet capacity

The Brother HL-L2320D can be exactly the product that you are willing to purchase. If you are willing to buy a sublimation printer and you have questions like which brand (if brother brand is the brand you want to go with, then which brother printer is best for sublimation?) So, Brother HL-L2320D is the right fit for this search.

Sublimation printing is not the same for everyone, and users need different things from their sublimation printer.

Moreover, let’s give you a quick reminder that Brother HL-L2320D can be an amazing product for people who are tight on budget and still are willing to customize clothing via sublimation printing.

Brother HL-L2320D sublimation printer offers 30 ppm speed which is amazing. It is a very pocket-friendly option, plus it will further cut down your expenses as the toner cartridges will be long-lasting in comparison to regular ink cartridges.

Thus, it is overall a good investment. Usually, printers are not expensive, but expenses for accessories can be quite pricey but here, even after, expenses for accessories will not cost you much.

Moreover, here you will get the feature of duplex printing. Well, it is not part of the sublimation printing process, but it is a great additional feature.

Speaking of additional features, this printer is outstanding when it comes to offering excellent quality. It is mainly due to the fact that it has a 2400 x 600 dpi resolution.  Well, we have already said a lot about this printer.

Now let’s consider some downsides. This can only print in black and white. Therefore, if sublimation printing in bright colors is your motto, then this printer might not be the right fit for you, or you can also consider other Brother company printers that can provide your required qualities.

If all you need basic sublimation printing, then Brother HL-L2320D has everything. However, if full advanced settings with every advanced feature are the need, then you are getting limited options here. Moreover, just USB connectivity is available here.

Well, in this price range, it is indeed a steal; for additional features (advanced level features), you should be ready to pay the additional cost, which might not suit people who are already tight on budget.

  • A great option for people’s budget who still wants to try creating customized clothing.
  • 30ppm super-fast print
  • Very economical
  • Toner cartridges use tend to last longer than normal cartridges
  • Duplex printing is also present 
  • If you are looking for white and black high-quality printing, this is an amazing option.


  • Here, you are getting Laser Printing Technology
  • The USB Connectivity is available
  • You will get a 1-year Warranty
  • Image quality is going to be just amazing (quite sharp and accurate)
  • Dpi resolution is High (2400 x 600 dpi)
  • Around 30 ppm speed, you can expect, so it is really quick.


  • It can only print in black and white color, so for the users who are looking for color printing, it might not be the right fit.
  • It can only connect with USB; well, it is enough for many users, but if you need more connectivity options like wireless connectivity, then you may need to reconsider

Final verdict: 

Highly classy, great quality product. However, it has a few limitations, but if those limitations are not problematic for you, then it is a great product in this price range. For better features, the cost range will also be high.

3. Brother Inkjet Printer, MFCJ6945DW B07GD52JR4

Brother Inkjet Printer


  • Versatile paper handling
  • 53.1 lbs weight
  • 500 sheets capacity
  • Internal INK storage tank

Brother’s MFCJ6945DW B07GD52JR4 Inkjet Printer is quite a reasonable choice if you’re looking for the best brother printer for sublimation.

The user can easily opt for large designs with it. The Brother MFCJ6945W is a sublimation printer that you can easily include in the versatile category of printers.

You cannot just print large designs, but it can also go for small designs. When it is about creating the best brother sublimation printer list for beginners, you can include this machine on that list.

It can provide some of the most amazing results to its users. 

  • Brother’s MFCJ6945DW B07GD52JR4 Inkjet Printer Dimensions are 22.6 x 14.9 x 18.8 inches.
  • Brother’s MFCJ6945DW B07GD52JR4 Inkjet Printer weight is 53.1 pounds
  • This printer provides wifi Connectivity. This wifi connectivity works within 100 meters. 
  • The facility of Duplex Printing is available and through which you can use both sides of the paper.
  • You can store different types of papers due to multiple trays. However, not necessary to use this option; you can simply go for the manual method.
  • The print quality is really good with the printer. 
  • The presence of a thermal head makes sure you have good and detailed printing.
  • Scanner Feature is present in this printer.
  • Even saving scanned documents as PDF files is also possible.
  • The setup is quite simple, and the user manual comes with an easy instruction set. Therefore, working becomes really easy.


  • The cost is really affordable
  • Wireless Connectivity is present
  • Prints will be of good quality


  • Ethernet-port is not present

Final verdict: 

If your search is related to sublimation printers and even more specifically for t-shirts, then you have got your printer-Brother MFCJ6946W.

It has quite great features, but if you are willing to get more advanced features, then you may need to consider a high price range option.

Otherwise, this option is economical, and it gives amazing high-quality results in this price range.

4. Brother MFC-J4535DW INKvestment Tank All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer

Brother MFC-J4535DW


  • INKvestment tank
  • High quality visuals
  • 1-Year replacement warranty
  • Can be accessible with mobile devices

The Brother INKvestment Tank MFC-J4535DW is a really good buy. If you need an all-in-one printer, then opt for it. You can use it for home or for an office setup.

The ink running out is not big trouble here, and most of the time, you will be able to print many pages.

Usually, replacement of ink cartridges quite often can be an issue for the users, but here it will not be the case. Ink cartridges are long-lasting.

Moreover, less consumption of ink cartridges will also help you out in saving money.

Brother MFC-J4535DW

Here, in this Brother printer, you will also be getting an automatic document feeder plus a flatbed scanner. However, the photo quality may not be that good.

So, if you are not looking best quality photos and just photo printing is your main concern, then you can opt for Brother INKvestment Tank MFC-J4535DW.

It can be a good investment for your office setup.

  • This is one printer option that you can buy whether you are looking for a printer for your home or for an office.
  • It can save you a lot of money in the department of ink cartridges as it can print a lot of black or color pages.
  • It also provides you a scanner.
  • You also get a document feeder, and this document feeder works on an automatic mechanism.
  • It has a flatbed scanner with extendable hinges and an automatic document feeder that can scan a 20-page document in under one minute. Unfortunately, photos need to be printed in “High” quality to prevent excessive banding, and even then, colors look washed out. That said, if good photo printing quality isn’t a priority for you, this is an excellent addition to your office setup. Your per page cost will remain low, and if you are looking for high productivity yet an economical option, then this is your printer.


  • Great productivity level, and you can do a lot of work with this printer
  • Economical because it will not cost you much, you produce a lot of printed pages
  • The construction of Brother INKvestment Tank MFC-J4535DW is great.


  • A duplex scan is possible with ADF
  • In terms of speed, you may find it a bit slow
  • Quality may not be best for photos. So, if your main target is to get the best photo quality, then it might not be the printer; it is more about getting done a lot of printing work rather having the best photo quality possible.

Final verdict: 

The Brother MFC-J4535DW is an amazing choice. If productivity is your goal, just go for this option. For day-to-day use, you will not be spending extra on expenses.

Sometimes, printers cost you less at the time of the purchase, but later their accessories and work-related stuff are really expensive, and you lose a lot.

If scanning is a very common and necessary part of your work routine, this printer is good but just remember, it has a flatbed scanner.

However, speed is not very good here, so if you are looking for a printer that can deliver speedy work, opt for a different printer.


Is a special printer necessary for sublimation, or can you use a normal printer?

Sublimation is not just possible with any printer. Some printers can provide both normal printer features plus sublimation printer features. Just the ink and printing material will be different then. There will be some printers that are specially designed for sublimation. Different brands are available that mainly design printers for sublimation work.

Can you use sublimation paper in a Brother printer?

Yes, you can use sublimation paper in a Brother printer, and it is a lot cheaper to use a Brother printer in day-to-day sublimation work. However, different Brother printers have different limitations, so select and find which printer is right for your work needs.


Suggestion #1: Brother MFC-J4535DW 

Buy Brother MFC-J4535DW and save money on ink cartridges as it can print a lot of black or color pages. It also provides you a scanner. It is a good purchase if it meets all your requirements.

Suggestion #2: Brother MFCJ6945DW B07GD52JR4

It provides wifi Connectivity, and this connectivity works within 100 meters. Duplex Printing is possible. It provides great quality of work. The availability of a thermal head offers good and detailed printing. The scanner is present (PDF files scanning is also possible). 

Suggestion #3: Brother MFC-J995DW

Great for personal work. You can also use it for copying, faxing, and OCR scanning. It is really cost-effective. The setup of this printer is easy. It will not cause you any stuck paper. Print command with USB, NFC, or simply via wifi. It is great for home or office.


Here we have shared all the info that you might need for deciding which Brother sublimation printer to opt for. Not all printer has similar features.

Even if they all are the product of the Brother brand, their features still differ from one another. Some are cost-effective, another is great at productivity, a different one is good for creating high-quality work, some are good mass scale work, and some are professional work environments.

So, read all the features and additional points and opt for a Brother sublimation printer that fits best in your situation.

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